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INSTALLATION Install Docking Kits and License Plate Holder 1. Install Rear Detachable Docking kit. Refer to the instruction sheet provided with kit. 2. Install Touring Detachable Tour-Pak Rack. Refer to the instruction sheet provided with kit. 1 4 2 3 is03989 1. License Plate Holder 2. Red Reflector 3. Original Equipment Screws 4. Original Equipment Bottom Support Tube Figure 2. Install License Plate Holder 3. See Figure 2. Install the new license plate holder (1) to the bottom support tube (4) using screws (3) saved from prior step. 4. Remove adhesive backing from red reflector (2) and carefully center and align it with the bottom edge of the license plate holder (1) and press firmly into place. -J03930 1 of 4 MOUNTING ANTENNA RELOCATION BRACKET 1. See Figure 6. Assemble joint assembly (9) to antenna mounting bracket (6) using lock washer (5) and 2 hex nuts (4). Tighten hardware securely. 2 1 5 4 3 is03992 1. Rear Docking Point 2. Docking Point Support Bracket 3. Antenna Mounting Bracket 4. Antenna/Cable Adapter 5. Rear Docking Point Screw and Locknut Figure 3. Relocated Antenna Bracket and Cable 2. See Figure 3. Install assembled antenna bracket (3) by removing screw and locknut (5) securing left rear docking point (1) to docking support (2). Install bracket as shown and reinstall rear docking point screw and locknut. Tighten screw and locknut to 15-19 ft-lbs (20.3-25.7 Nm) . 3. Thread antenna/cable adapter (4) onto joint assembly. ROUTING ANTENNA CABLES 1. See Figure 4. Gently remove left side cover (1) by pulling from frame tubes (no tools required). 2. Connect original antenna cable (not shown) to bottom of joint assembly. 3. Route antenna cable/wiring between left frame rail and fender. 4. See Figure 5. Attach cable to docking point support bracket in location (1) using short cable strap. 5. See Figure 4. Coil excess antenna cable/wiring (2) and use long cable strap (3) to fasten cable to frame under left side cover (1) with vehicle wiring harness. 6. See Figure 6. Cap unused wiring connector with connector housing (10).