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Installation 1. Remove exhaust system according to Service Manual instructions. 2. See Figure 1. Remove the outer primary screw shown and retain it for reinstallation. 3. See Service Parts Illustration. Insert the thread cleaning screw (9), through the primary cover and the crankcase until the full screw diameter protrudes through the crankcase. Remove any debris from from the tip of the thread cleaning screw. Remove thread forming screw and discard. NOTE If thread cleaning screw binds in crankcase hole, remove thread cleaning screw and chase threads with 1/4 – 20 tap. 4. Install set screw (8) from outer primary side using the wrench provided. Set screw should extend past the crankcase approximately .375″. 5. With wrench in set screw to prevent rotation, install the backplate over the set screw and fasten with the 1/4-20 nylock nut (5). 6. Reinstall the primary cover screw saved in Step 1. Torque to 80-110 in-lbs (9-12 Nm). 7. Remove the the oil hose clamp from the starter stud. Do not remove the clamp from the hoses. 8. Replace the original equipment starter stud with stud (7) provided. Torque to 39-65 in-lbs (4-7 Nm). 9. Install bracket (2) over stud (7) and fasten with #10-24 nylock nut (6). Rotate bracket until the tab on the bracket rests on starter motor. 10. Install oil hose clamp onto bracket (2) using one of the #10-24 screws (4). Tuck the hoses down as far as possible without contacting the drive belt or kinking the hose. Contacting the drive belt or kinking the hose may cause damage to the hoses or powertrain. 11. Install the cover (1) to the backplate (3) and bracket (2) using four of the #10-24 screws (4) with the wrench provided. The cover should fit inboard of the gear cover and partially on top of the sprocket cover. Start the bracket screw first, then follow with the (3) backplate screws. 12. Reinstall exhaust system according to Service Manual Instructions