2008 Honda CBR1000RR Clutch Inner Installation PROCEDURE


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Refer to the 2008 CBR1000RR Service Manual for specific removal instructions. While completing this procedure, be careful not to damage the covers, cowls, or any other components. 1. Remove the air intake cover (page 3-8). 2. Remove the upper inner cover (page 3-9). 3. Remove the lower cowl (page 3-9). 4. Remove the right middle cowl (page 3-10). 5. Remove the right crankcase cover (page 10-5). Clutch Removal (page 10-7) 6. Remove the starter idle gear and shaft. 7. Remove the snap ring and stopper ring. 8. Remove the clutch lifter piece and plate. 9. Unstake the clutch center lock nut. Be careful not to damage the mainshaft threads. 10. Hold the pressure plate with the special tool. You must use the special tool (Clutch Holder, T/N 070MB-MFLA100) when removing the lock nut. Using an impact wrench will damage the main shaft threads. Clutch Holder: 070MB-MFLA100 (autoshipped in May 2008) 11. Remove the clutch center lock nut and washer and discard the lock nut as shown on top of page 3 12. Remove the clutch spring holder, spring seat, and two clutch springs. 13. Remove the spring seat. 14. Remove the following: • Pressure plate
• Spring seat • Judder spring • Clutch disc A • Clutch plate A • Seven clutch discs B • Clutch disc C  Clutch center NOTE: Do not remove the clutch outer. New Clutch Installation (page 10-20) NOTE: The new clutch disc assembly has a dif- ferent order of plates than the illustration shown in the Service Manual. Keep note of this when repairing updated units.
15. Install the new clutch disc assembly with- out removing the setting bolts. Rotate the main shaft to align the clutch disc assem- bly with the main shaft spline. 16. Slightly loosen the setting bolts. 17. Rotate clutch disc C to align its tabs into clutch outer shallow slots, then fully install the clutch disc assembly. 18. Remove and discard the setting bolts. 19. Install the spring seat