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1. MACHINES Aprilia RS 125 production models, as produced from 01-11-05 and available in the UK via IN Competition from 01-01-06. (any parts exclusive to the older models including the pre-1999 SP model are not permitted to be used on machines in this series). The only eligible models are designated as Euro 2 & Euro 3 New machines are supplied with race kits included through: IN Competition Unit 1 New Lane Burscough Lancs 2. DISPLACEMENT CAPACITY The displacement must remain at 124.9cc and the bore and stroke (54 x 54.5) must remain as originally produced. 3. MINIMUM WEIGHT The minimum weight at post race control must not be less than 102kg , this includes oil and water but excludes fuel. At any time during the event, the weight of the whole machine (including the tank) must not be less than the minimum weight, with a tolerance of 1kg. 4. NUMBER PLATE COLOURS The background colours and figures for Aprilia Superteens are: FRONT RED background with WHITE numbers – Nitro Newcomers Class BLACK background with WHITE numbers – Aprilia Championship Class REAR BLACK background with WHITE numbers – Both Classes Placed in accordance with the ACU regulations. 5. CARBURATION INSTRUMENTS Carburation instruments must remain as homologated. Carburettor jets and needles may be replaced. No modification, polishing or cutting is allowed. Only the 28mm bodied standard carburettor is permitted. Electronic or mechanical enriching devices must remain installed and active (If the carburettor is changed from one model to another, the appropriate wiring loom must also be installed and be operative). Bell mouths must be as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine. Throttle must be standard, quick action throttles are not permitted.
6. FUEL All machines must function on normal unleaded fuel with a maximum lead content of 0.005 g/l (unleaded) and a maximum MON of 90 (RON 102 max) and be readily available from roadside service stations nationwide. E85 Bio Fuel is also permitted when purchased from normal roadside outlets. 7. FRAME BODY AND REAR SUBFRAME Frame must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer and may not be painted. The sides of the frame body may be covered by a protective part made of composite material of the original frame colour. Nothing can be added by welding or removed by machining from the frame body. Engine mounting brackets or plates must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer. Bolt on accessories to the rear sub-frame may be removed. 8. FRONT FORKS Forks structure (spindle, stanchions, bridges, stem etc) must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer. Standard original internal parts of the forks may be modified. After market damper kits or valves may be installed. The fork caps can be modified or changed to add spring preload/compression and damping adjusters. Dust seals can be modified, changed or removed providing the fork remains totally oil sealed. Any quantity or quality of oil can be used in the front forks. The height and position of the front fork in relation to the fork crowns is free. A steering damper may be added but may not act as a steering lock device. 9. REAR FORK (Swing Arm)