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STEP 1 Remove the stock mirrors. LEFT SIDE: STEP 2 Choose the longest Allen bolt from the hardware kit that passes through the hand control, a split lock washer, an internal tooth star washer, the turn signal mount (if applicable), and still provides maximum thread engagement in the mirror stem without bottoming out. Mount the mirror with the hardware listed above. (Place the star washer between the mirror stem and the hand control). RIGHT SIDE: STEP 3 If the turn signals are not mounted under the mirror, proceed in the same manner as the left side. STEP 4 If the turn signal is mounted under the mirror proceed as follows: Apply Red loctite to the short threaded end of the special mounting stud. Screw this end securely into the mirror stem. -cont.- 1432-22HD-0105 TURN SIGNAL MIRRORS WITH CONVEX GLASS 1432 INSTALLATION Illiana CUSTOMER SERVICE 877.370.3604 (toll free) INSTALLATION QUESTIONS techsupport@kuryakyn.com or call 715.247.2983 WARRANTY Küryakyn™warrants that any Küryakyn product sold hereunder, if properly installed, maintained and operated under normal conditions, shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date the Küryakyn products are sold to the customer. CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: Küryakyn shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages. ABOUTOURCA TA LOG You’ll find all our innovations for H-D, GL and Metric Cruisers in our annual catalogs. Order online today-select the “CATALOGS” icon. Each Küryakyn™ product comes with a Proof-of-Purchase good for a complimentary catalog. Details in packaging. Be sure to ask your local dealer about other Küryakynproducts, the motorcycle parts and accessories designed for riders by riders. ©2004 Küryakyn USA™All Rights reserved.
STEP 5 Remove the turn signal assembly from the stock mirror. Pay close attention to how the stock turn signal ball joint assembly comes apart as this will aid in re-assembly. STEP 6 Place a star washer over the mounting stud and insert the mirror and stud assembly into the hand control. Re-assemble the turn signal ball joint being sure the turn signal light is aimed to your liking. You may wish to consult your H-D shop manual when re-assembling this ball joint. WIRING: STEP 7 Determine where you wish to splice into the H-D turn signal wiring harness. Cut the harness or strip back an appropriate amount to vinyl wire covering and prepare the wires for splicing. Make the wire connections as follows: Wires from Turn Signal Mirror H-D Turn Signal Wire Colors Black – (Ground) Black (Ground) Red – (Running Light) Blue (Running Light) White (Turn Signal) Violet (Turn Signal) If a more pronounced flash is desired, one may eliminate the running light function and wire as follows: Black Black Red and White together Violet If these turn signal mirrors are to be used in conjunction with stock front turn signals, no load equalizer will be required. If the turn signal mirrors are REPLACING stock front turn signals, in most cases, a load equalizer is required. For easiest access we suggest installing the load equalizer under the seat; tapping into the main wiring harness that leads to the tail lights and rear turn signals.