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license Plate Mount Installation: Locate the aluminum license plate mount and license plate light assembly. Remove the rear most nut securing the stock taillight assembly (underneath the fender) (don’t lose the little compression tube and washer). Temporarily install the license plate mount to this location and mark the fender where it needs to be drilled for the rear mounts. Drill the fender in two places with a ΒΌ” drill and reinstall the license plate assembly using the stock taillight mount and the 6 x 20 mm countersunk screws, bezels and nylock nuts Rear Turn Signal Installation: Locate the two rear turn signals in the kit – they’re the ones with the longer wires. Drill a 3/8 hole in each side of the fender as shown in Photo 3 and attach them as shown in Photo 4. It does no matter which signal goes on which side. Run the left turn signal wires forward along with the taillight wires, up through the grommet in the fender to the area just behind the air box cross member and above the fender. Run the right turn signal wires forward along the right frame rail, and through the same hole you made for the license plate wires Brake Light Switch Installation: The WR250/450 uses a hydraulic brake switch. This requires replacing the rear master cylinder banjo bolt with a specially made switch. Installing the switch requires bleeding the rear brake. If you do not feel competent bleeding your rear brake, please refer this job to a qualified mechanic, as failure to do it correctly will make the brake inoperable. Remove the rear master cylinder guard. Remove the bolt holding the brake fluid reservoir to provide access to the master cylinder. Loosen the banjo bolt securing the rear brake line to the master cylinder. Typically, this bolt will be very tight and loosening it will bend the support hanger for the master cylinder if not supported. Brace the master cylinder with a wrench or lever. Remove the banjo bolt and replace with the hydraulic switch. Make sure to install the copper crush washer from the stock bolt under the switch. Torque the switch assembly to 25 lb-ft.