2010 Harley Davidson Touring Model Power Commander Installation manual


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1 Remove the stock seat. 2 Unplug the stock wiring harness from the ECM (Fig. A) . 3 Plug the PCV connectors in-line of the stock ECM and wiring harness (Fig.B). 4 Tuck the PCV to wiring harness connection into the opening in front of the battery box (Fig. C). 5 Using the supplied velcro attach the PCV to the top of the ECM (Fig. C) FIG.A FIG.C Remove Ground wire FIG.B PCV connector PCV connector Stk connector Connection 15-011 www.powercommander.com 2010 Harley Davidson Touring PCV – 4 6 Remove the right hand saddlebag and sidecover. 7 Locate the stock O2 sensor connections and unplug both connectors (Fig. D) The stock O2 sensors will NOT be connected to anything at this time. The sensors can be removed from the exhaust if you have a way to plug the hole. Unplugging the sensors does NOT cause an engine light but will cause a historic code in the ECM for non-active O2 sensor. This is not causing any issues with the running of the bike. FIG.D Follow these instructions when using the Auto tune kit – part #AT-100B 1 Remove the left hand side cover. 2 Place the Autotune modules in front of the battery as shown in Figure H. If using velcro make sure the velcro does not cover the designation of the unit on the back (AT #1 or AT#2). The modules are coded to the front and rear cylinders. FIG.E 3 Remove the rubber plug for the diagnostic connector. Plug the lead from the Autotune kit into the stock diagnostic connector (Fig. J).This connection is under the LH sidecover. DO NOT connect to the accessory connection in front of the battery. 4 Reinstall the sidecover. FIG.F 15-011 www.powercommander.com 2010 Harley Davidson Touring PCV – 5 5 Connect the longer harness to the front O2 sensor. Route the harness along the front down tube and along the backbone of the frame to Autotune module AT#1. Wire the harness to the module per Figure G. The harness can be cut to length if desired. 6 Repeat step 4 for the rear cylinder. Wire the harness to Autotune Module AT#2. The harness can be cut to length if desired. If your exhaust does not accept the M18x1.5mm O2 sensor you will need to install the supplied O2 bungs with the Auto tune kit into your exhaust. See Auto tune instructions for more information