harley- davidson DYNA BLACK FORWARD CONTROL KIT installation Manual


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1. Disconnect battery cable, negative (-) cable first. 2. Remove the left side rider footrest assembly. Save the footrest and fasteners for installation. Discard the remaining hardware. 3. From the kit, press hole plugs (8) into the screw holes on the frame where the stock footrest assembly was mounted. 4. Remove plugs from forward control frame mount (I) and discard. 5. Remove the foot shifter lever (A) and shifter peg (D). Discard the old foot shifter lever (A). Save the foot shifter lever hardware and shifter peg (D) for future use. 6. See Figure 2. Remove the primary chaincase cover (6) and primary chaincase housing (1). Refer to your model motorcycles Service Manual for removal procedures. NOTE See Figure 1. Before removing the gear shifter lever (1) ((H) in Table 1), it is necessary to mark the correct orientation of the lever. Using a marking tool, draw a location marking (4) on the end of the splined shaft (2) across from the casting split (3). This will allow the new gear shifter lever to be installed in the same orientation as the old lever. 5 3 4 1 2 is 02083 1. Gear shifter lever 2. Splined shaft 3. Casting split 4. Location marking 5. Lever bolt Figure 1. Gear Shifter Lever Orientation 7. After marking the gear shifter lever orientation, loosen the lever bolt (5) and remove the old shifter lever. Discard the old gear shifter lever but keep the lever bolt. From the kit, install the new gear shifter lever onto the splined shaft in the same orientation as the old shifter lever. Tighten the lever bolt to 18-22 ft-lbs (24.4-29.8 Nm)