Filed Under (Kawasaki) by admin on 05-11-2010

In the past the name Kawasaki, for me, always suggested legendary fast superbikes with brut power. Then later came the Ninja name tag and there was still a lot of speed there, but amongst the strength of some superb opposition the legend was waning. Well now the legend is back, the new 2008 Ninja ZX-10R brings back all that attitude, styling and raw power of a true superbike. As per my usual form [running a bit late] I picked up the ‘Kwacker’ from D ‘n’ D Motorcycles in Conlig all in a bit of rush. Fortunately for me, Davy the owner was as obliging as ever and kindly let me take the bike straight to the Cookstown 100 road race practice. On arrival, it was out of the van, a quick once over, tyre pressures checked and straight onto the grid to instruct the newcomers’ practice sessions. Luckily, with all the rush, I hadn’t time to dwell on the reputation of the previous models, but after one cautious lap in damp conditions the ZX-10R felt right at home among the racers. First thing I noticed, and appreciated in this situation, was that it steered really well. Turn-in and direction changes felt light and easy with no signs of the questionable high speed stability of previous ZX-10s. Suspension was slightly hard compared to some road bikes, but any softer and we would have been wallowing out of the dips. The front and rear suspension soaked up the bumpy country roads well, with the only adjustment made, being a click harder on the front rebound damping. After a few laps I really did forget I was on a road bike, such was my confidence in the big ‘Kwacker’. Talking high tech features, the ZX-10R apparently has some form of traction control system – (Kawasaki Ignition Management System) KIMS. Bit of a girly name eh! Now I’m not sure exactly how it works on this particular bike, but I can testify to an enormous amount of grip and only