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INSTALLATION Removing Outer Fairing 1. Standing at the front of the vehicle, use a T-27 TORX® drive head to remove the three outer fairing screws (with flat washers) just below the windshield. 2. Moving to the inner fairing side, use a T-27 TORX drive head to remove the two fairing screws just above the wind deflectors on the left and right side. 3. Turn the handlebar to the right and remove the outer fairing screw (reach in below the fairing cap). Turn the handlebar to the left and remove the fairing screw on the opposite side. 4. Tilting the outer fairing toward the front, squeeze the two external tabs to remove the wire connector at the back of the headlamp assembly. 5. Lift the fairing (with headlamp assembly) off the motor- cycle. NOTE Since the outer fairing screws hold the windshield in place, the windshield may fall to the floor if not removed. 6. Remove the Windshield. Installing Mirrors 1. See Figure 1. Place template on inside of fairing as shown to locate mounting holes for mirror. 2. Begin by drilling a 1/8 inch pilot hole at each location marked on the template. For the center hole (2) where the 3/8 inch threaded stud passes through the fairing use a 13/32 inch diameter twist drill to drill the hole to its final size. For the alignment hole (1), use a 7/32 inch diameter twist drill to drill the hole to the final size. 2 1 is 02115 1.7/32 inch hole location 2.13/32 inch hole location Figure 1. Positioning Template 1 is06315 1. Auxiliary mirror Figure 2. Orientation of Auxiliary Mirror NOTE The flange nut is a self locking nut and must not be tightened more than 30 in-lbs (3.4 Nm). 3. See Figure 3. Place mirror (2) in position and install backing plate (4) with the raised post (B) (with the L and R marking) toward the nut surface. Install the flange nut (6) and tighten nut to 20-30 in-lbs (2.3-3.4 Nm). 4. See Figure 2. Position the mirror so the round auxiliary mirror is in the upper inside corner position. 5. Repeat for right side