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1. Place the motorcycle on a level and secure area. Disconnect the battery. 2. Refer to the appropriate factory service manual and remove the OEM speedometer and indicator lights. The indicator lights usually unplug either in the rear of the headlight or under the gas tank area. 3. Mount the new speedometer in the desired location. 4. Locate the OEM wire for the high beam indicator light. Connect it with the blue wire from the wire harness on the speedometer. Connect the blue/black wire from the speedometer to ground. 5. Locate the OEM wire for the gauge illumination (back) lighting. Connect this wire to the orange wire on the speedometer. Connect the black wire on the speedometer to ground. 6. Locate the OEM wires for the turn signals. Usually they are brown and violet wires. NOTE: You will notice only one bulb for the turn signals in the gauge and two wires from the bike to the harness. If you connect both of these wires directly to the yellow wire on the speedometer, this will allow feedback and cause all the signals to flash at once. To prevent this, you will need to add a diode between each OEM turn signal wire and the yellow wire coming from the speedometer. We recommend that you utilize a Dyna tach adapter, Part #D-101, available separately. This tach adapter includes the diodes necessary to allow the turn signal indicator light to operate correctly. Follow the instructions for the tach adapter, substituting the wires from the original wire harness found in step 6 for the two ignition terminals shown in the wire schematic. Hook the white wire on the tach adapter to the yellow wire for the turn signal indicator on the speedometer. If you use the D-101 adapter, skip steps 7-9 and go directly to step 10. 7. Take one of the diodes, making sure to observe the correct polarity, and attach it to the brown turn signal wire on the bike. 8. Take the remaining diode, again making sure to observe the correct polarity, and attach it to the violet turn signal wire on the bike