2009 BMW R1300S Slip-On Exhaust System Installation Instructions


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1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. Make sure the bike is secure on a centerstand or ideally a service lift. 2. Remove heat shield. 3. Loosen muffler joint clamp. 4. Remove muffler mounting bolt. 5. Install TBR slip-on tube to TBR muffler using the supplied socket head cap screws, lockwashers and X-Ring provided. Leave loose for now. 6. Slide rubber lined muffler clamp over TBR muffler. 7. Install TBR muffler assembly to motorcycle using the OEM hardware. Leave loose for now. 8. Align muffler and tighten muffler joint clamp. 9. Tighten X-Ring bolts in a cross pattern. 10. Tighten muffler mounting strap. 11. Remove clip-nuts from OEM muffler assembly and install on TBR slip-tube. 12. Re-install OEM heat shield. 13. Double check to make sure that all hardware is tightened.Carefully double check your work to insure that all hardware is securely fastened. If you are using bags on motorcycle make sure you have adaquate clearance between muffler and bags to keep from causing damage, this is not covered under warranty. 14. Before you run the bike, clean off all fingerprints and dirt, as any oily residue will etch the metal and become somewhat permanent when the system gets hot. Also, remove any protective plastic from the name badges on the muffler canister(s) or the muffler clamp(s). Run the bike and enjoy. It is normal for some white smoke to appear the first time you start the bike. This is packing/ manufacturing oil from inside the pipe burning off. After 50 to 100 miles, recheck all fasteners for tightness. 2009 BMW R1300S Slip-On Exhaust System Part # 005-2650406V / 005-2650407V / 005-2650408V Parts List IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Warranty two brothers racing products are intended for closed course competition purposes only, and therefore are sold “as is” without warranty. two brothers racing specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and disclaims all responsibility for consequential and incidental damages or any other losses arising from the use of these products or parts.