Harley Davidson sound system Installation Manual


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unplug factory radio harness. 2. Plug in Bazooka fast harness into radio and plug factory harness into Bazooka fast harness. ( Fig. 2-1 ) 3. Run red power wire to battery leaving fuse block with the factory fuses. Make sure fuse is removed during install Attach ground wire to triple tree ground terminal. Left side cover. ( Fig. 2-1) 4. Replace factory speakers. All speakers are shipped with grills and in some cases rubber magnet covers. These are for shipping protection only. If rubber magnet covers are on the speakers, they MUST be removed prior to installation. Discard the grills and use the OEM grills to complete the installation. 5. The front and rear speakers are the same. The front speakers must be slid into the speakers mounts with the crossover network placed toward the outside of the fairing and the speaker terminals to the inside for ease of installation. When mounting the rear speakers you must use the spacers provided. Place spacer on the speaker enclosure. Then the speaker and the grill last. The rear speakers should be mounted with the crossover network toward the rear of the bike.