BMW Motorcycles F 650 GS/Dakar Driveability Issues


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Concern: Customer complains about hesitation, surging and stalling when the engine is operated at low to medium RPM. Service Measure: In the event of a customer complaint on the above concerns, please check the following points, adjusting to specification as necessary: Fuel pressure: Measure fuel pressure under all operating RPM. If fuel pressure is outside of specification, replace fuel filter with pressure regulator. Recheck fuel pressure, with new components installed, to confirm fuel pressure is to specification. Fuel pressure specification = 3.5+/- 0.2 bar Clutch adjustment: Clutch may not disengage completely with engine cold. Oil in the viscosity range 20W50 may be in use. Insure that the clutch is adjusted correctly and change oil to viscosity range 10W50. Control unit update: Using the BMWMoDiTeC CD 8/x, Update 3, update the programming of the BMS COMPACT control unit. The update of a BMS COMPACT control unit program is not to take place unless a customer has a complaint about hesitation, surging and stalling, these complaints have been verified by the retailer and the service measures covering fuel pressure, clutch adjustment and oil viscosity have been completed. Important Note: Always comply with the instructions, as included with the update CD, for the correct installation of CD 8/x, Update 3. Identification Label: Print a new identification label ( YELLOW for update ) and affix it to the BMS- COMPACT control unit. Please note that it is not permissible to deliver an updated motorcycle to a customer without the correct identification label affixed to the control unit.