Harley-Davidson Road King Classic Saddlebag Locks INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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1. Cut off the back stud (at the pointed end of the emblem) with a hacksaw. Hacksaw must have a fine tooth metal cutting blade. Allow blade to slide along the flat edges of the emblem as shown. 3. Place washer (J) over emblem stud and insert threaded stud through the hole in the backing plate (L). Place cloverleaf spring (K) over the stud and onto the backing plate with the dome facing up. Place flat washer (J) and nylon cap nut (I) on the stud and tighten until a smooth open/close rotation is achieved. See illustration at right. Emblem should snap in place and not rattle* 2. Thread the front stud with the tap provided. OIL THE STUD FIRST. Thread the stud square, using a socket or wrench. Make no more than a half turn at one time, always backing up one-half turn each time. 4. Pin template on the bag with #10 screws (T) provided. Make two 5/16″ holes where shown. Make one 3/4″ hole where shown with a punch, hole saw or drill bit. If drilling the 3/4″ hole always cut the leather off first using a sharp knife. Punches, either knock-out type or gasket type do the best job without removing the leather layer