HONDA CB650/ 750F/ 900F/ 1100F/ GL1100 Spark Unit Set Installation Manual


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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. All connections must be of the highest quality, use crimped or soldered connections; twisted wires will not give a satisfactory operation. 2. Remove the seat and/or petrol tank to gain access to the original spark units (if fitted); these are normally fitted under the seat between the top frame tubing. Each of these units consists of a small alloy metal box with sleeved wires terminated by a small connector (coupler). They also have a mounting tab with a single fixing hole. 3. On four cylinder machines there will be two units, normally mounted back to back; one for cylinders 1&4 and one for cylinders 2&3. 4. For safety, disconnect the battery. 5. Unplug the couplers from each of the units. Undo the fixings and remove the units. 6. Fit the new spark units in the place of the old ones or find a suitable alternative, close to the connectors. Secure the units to the frame or mounting platform using the supplied tie-straps and adhesive mounting base (if required). If required, a thin sheet of rubber or double-sided tape can be used to keep the units in position. Do not completely wrap the units in foam rubber. 7. Push the wiring harness plugs into the new spark unit socket connectors; they will only fit one way. Reconnect the battery. 8. If you are rewiring the machine or do not have the standard wiring harness, the spark unit wire colours & functions are as follows: GREEN Ö GROUND (0 VOLTS) BLACK/WHITE Ö IGNITION SUPPLY (+12 VOLTS) VIA ENGINE STOP SWITCH YELLOW Ö IGNITION COIL OUTPUT (TO COIL —) WHITE Ö PULSE GENERATOR (WHITE RING) BLUE Ö PULSE GENERATOR (UNMARKED) There are two pulse generators, one for cylinders 1&4 and one for cylinders 2&3. The left hand one is normally for cylinders 1&4 (see fig.1). There are two wires of the same colour coming from each pulse generator, one of these wires is normally marked with a white band. The pulse generator wire with the white band connects to the white wire from the corresponding spark unit, the other pulse generator wire connects to the blue wire on the corresponding spark unit. If the white band is missing, this is normally the upper wire coming from the pulse generator. 9. Refit the seat and tank (if removed earlier). 10. Fitting is now complete, although for best results you may wish to verify the ignition timing, see the following guide