HONDA VTX1300C / R/ S/ T Fuel Valve Diaphragm Replacement


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1. Remove the fuel tank using the procedure in the Service Manual. However, do not remove the fuel valve from the fuel tank. 2. Drain the fuel into an approved container. 3. Remove the four screws and diaphragm cover. NOTE: The diaphragm cover is under spring pressure. Do not lose the spring or screws. The countermeasure part has a paint mark near the air vent hole. 4. Replace the diaphragm, spring, cover, and screws with new parts included in the kit. Install the new diaphragm with the plastic retainer facing the diaphragm cover. NOTE: Make sure the air vent hole is facing downward towards the ground. 5. Reinstall the fuel tank using the procedures in the Service Manual. 6. Refill the fuel tank. DEALER INVENTORY REPAIR VERIFICATION