Kawasaki VN2000 Passenger Floorboards/ Passenger Longboards Installation And Adjustment


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1. Fasten floorboard assembly to mounting bracket using supplied 3/8″ x 3/4″ bolt, flat washer and lockwasher. Do not tighten at this time (Baron recommends the use of blue Loctite on this bolt). 2. Set floorboard angle by installing flathead allen adjusting screw in the pivot bracket at the desired angle hole. Baron floorboards set to a 15-degree position has been found to be most comfortable and user friendly. Tighten flathead screw. Adjust side tilt angle by moving floorboard stop screw in or out to achieve desired angle. 3. Now fully tighten the 3/8″ bolt. Floorboard is ready for installation. Installation 1. Remove the nuts that attach your stock passenger peg mounting brackets to the frame and remove stock pegs. 2. Install your new Baron floorboards in the same location using supplied M8 mounting bolts and washers. Be sure you dont over-tighten these bolts. It is best to use Loctite when mounting. Adjustment of Floorboard Angle After Installation 1. Using a 9/16″ wrench, slightly loosen the 3/8″ bracket bolt located on the backside of the mounting bracket the floorboard is attached to. 2. Remove the small allen screw located on visible side of the cam bracket. Once this screw is removed, adjust the cam to the desired hole and insert and tighten allen screw. 3. Re-tighten 3/8″ bolt. Repeat process on both sides. NOTE: All adjustments may not be available with all exhaust systems