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STEP 1 Remove the seat STEP 2 Disconnect the battery positive cable to prevent sparking that could cause ignition of spilled fuel, and personal injury. STEP 3 Remove the fuel tank. IMPORTANT- Throughout this installation, we strongly recommend labeling all hoses, and the nipples they were removed from. STEP 4 Remove the intake ductwork, air inlet, right and left air cleaner housings, air cleaner, cold start components (see PIC. 1), air mass sensor, and support bracketry. The wires that were unplugged from the cold start solenoids, may be neatly bundled and tucked out of harms way and out of sight. Be sure the terminals are insulated so they cannot short to any surrounding parts. Insert plugs (3/8″ x 1/2″ socket head bolts work well) into the two hoses that connected to the cold start circuit lines. (See PIC.2.) Also unplug the crankcase breather hose from the right angle fitting at the bottom of this enclosure, and the large diameter hose from the fresh air injection valve. (Don’t forget to label.) The fuel drain hose will not be re-used. PIC.3 shows what you’ll have left when all components are removed. STEP 5 From the hardware kit, find the front and rear support tabs and the four M6 x 1.0 x 16mm socket head cap screws. Install the support tabs to the threaded holes in each cylinder, and to the holes in the throttle body as shown in PIC.4. STEP 6 From the hardware kit, find the M6 x 1.0 x 16mm hex bolt and lock tab washer. Also find the intake gasket (oval shape with two large holes) and the manifold adapter body. See PIC.5. Screw the air temperature sensor into the back of the manifold adapter body. Place the intake gasket over the mouth of the throttle body so all holes line up. Insert the M6 hex bolt through the lock tab washer, and secure the adapter body to the throttle body, again making certain all holes line up perfectly. Tighten the hex bolt, but do not bend the lock tabs yet