Toyota Camry L4 – 2.4L 2004 Brakes and Traction Control Disc Brake System Service and Repair


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REMOVE FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER SLIDE BUSH 10. Remove the cylinder slide bush from the cylinder slide pin.
a. REMOVE FRONT DISC BRAKE BUSH DUST BOOT 11. Remove the 2 bush dust boots from the disc brake cylinder mounting. a. REMOVE FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER MOUNTING LH 12. Remove the 2 bolts and disc brake cylinder mounting LH. a. REMOVE CYLINDER BOOT 13. Using a screwdriver, remove the set ring and cylinder boot.
a. REMOVE FRONT DISC BRAKE PISTON 14. Place a piece of cloth or similar, between the piston and the disc brake cylinder. a. Use compressed air to remove the piston from the disc brake cylinder. CAUTION: Do not place
your fingers in front of the piston when using compressed air. NOTICE: Do not spatter the brake fluid