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CABLE ROUTING SPEC AProperly insert the meter assembly coupler and rubber boot into the meter assembly. BRoute the meter assembly lead through the left side of the headlight housing. CThe speedometer lead with not be tighten. DInstall the headlight relays onto the headlight housing bridge. EConnect to the right front turn signal connectors. FRoute the turn signal leads upper the headlight housing boss. 1 Clutch cable 2 Left handlebar switch lead 3 Starter cable 4 Main switch lead 5 Steering cover EB206000 CABLE ROUTING -21- NRoute the thermo switch/temperature sender sub- wire harness to the outside of the radiator cap. ORoute the right handlebar switch lead behind the throttle cables. Do not cross the throttle cables and the right handlebar switch lead. PRoute the right handlebar switch lead in front of the throttle cables. GFasten the headlight lead with a plastic clamp at white tape mark. HFasten the wire harness to the headlight housing boss with a plastic locking tie. IRoute the headlight lead through the plastic guide. JRoute the throttle cable to the front side of the brake hose. KRoute the clutch cable behind the front fork leg. LMake sure that the horn leads face out. MRoute the throttle cables and right handlebar switch lead between the lower bracket and steering cover. CABLE ROUTING SPEC -22- CRoute the rollover-valve-to-fuel-tank hose to the inside of the fuel hose (California only). DRoute the coolant reservoir breather hose over the timing chain tensioner. EInsert the plastic clip through the hole in the plastic frame panel and then fasten the wire harness and coolant reservoir breather hose with it. FRoute the clutch cable between the radiator bracket and frame and in front of the thermostat assembly breather hose. GRoute the clutch cable to the inside of the radiator inlet hose. HInsert the plastic clamp into the hole in the coolant reservoir’s tab