Toyota Electronic Throttle Control Investigation


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The purpose of this research study was to contribute to a better understanding of electronic throttle control system malfunctions and the fail-safe detection capabilities of selected vehicles equipped with electronic throttle controls. More specifically, this research primarily examined the fail-safe detection capabilities of electrical circuitry
designed to prevent sudden or unintended acceleration of electronic throttle controlled vehicles manufactured by Toyota Motor Co. The Accelerator Pedal Position



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LEFT HAND CONTROLS Horn button – Press the switch to sound the horn Turn signal switch – Slide switch left when turning left, slide switch right when turning right and push in to cancel. Low beam / High beam Switch For High beam Turn upwards / For Low beam Turn downwards. Engine Kill Switch Turn into the X position to shut off. Turn into the O position to start the engine. RIGHT HAND CONTROLS Headlights / Running Lights – Slide switch towards the left up to first level and running lights will come on; slide once again to the next level the head lights will turn on. Electric Starter button – Press the electric starter button for a maximum of 5 seconds. NOTICE: If the engine does not start the first time, try again after 30 seconds. DO NOT use the electric starter after long periods of inactivity, doing so can drain the battery. IGNITION SWITCH 1. ON Position (Engine Ignition) Engine can be started Electrical devices such as horn, lights, etc. can be activated. Key cannot be removed. 2. OFF (Engine Shut-off) Engine cannot be started. Electrical devices such as horn, lights, etc. are inoperable Keys can be removed 3. LOCK Position Steering lock is engaged Engine cannot be started. Electrical devices such as horn, lights, etc. are inoperable Keys can be removed NOTES: Rotating the key switches the electrical circuitry ON and OFF WARNING: Do Not Turn the ignition key when the engine is running. Use the kill switch to shut-off, then rotate the key counter-clockwise towards the OFF position. NOTICE: If the engine is shut-off, please turn the ignition switch to the OFF or LOCK position. Failure to do so can cause battery drain or damage on the electrical system. STEERING LOCK OPERATION For your protection, activate the steering lock when leaving your vehicle parked or unattended. 1 . Turn handle bar to the left or right limit. 2 . Turn the key from OFF towards the LOCK position. 3. Remove the key. To unlock: Insert the key and rotate it to the OFF or ON position