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REMOVAL OF STOCK EXHAUST SYSTEM 1. put the motorcycle on a side stand, we recommend a racing stand 2. remove the lower cowling (complete) – unscrew all bolts and remove the plastic bushings (Figure 1, 2, 3, 4) 3. unscrew the bolt for the metal clamp on the link pipe (at the link pipe – collector joint) (Figure 5) 4. unscrew and remove the bolt for the muffler clamp (Figure 6) 5. remove the link pipe together with the muffler (link pipe and muffler are welded together). We recommend spraying the joint with a multi-purpose spray lubricant (WD-40 or equivalent) 6. if you are mounting the optional carbon-fiber muffler bracket, remove the stock muffler bracket 7. unscrew and remove the bolts on the lower radiator brackets and move the radiator out of the way – do not damage the radiator cooling fins (Figure 7, 8) 8. remove the bolts on the flanges (Figure 9) 9. remove the header tubes together with the flanges (Figure 10) INSTALLATION OF THE AKRAPOVIC RACING OR EVOLUTION SYSTEM installing the header tubes: 1. check the position of the radiator – be careful not to damage the fins 2. use the stock gaskets installed in the exhaust port, or place them on the Akrapovic sleeves 3. install the sleeves together with the flanges and tensioning springs – make sure they are correctly oriented and correctly installed, and that the holes for the springs line up with the holes on the tabs on the header tubes (Figure 11 & 12) 4. tighten the flanges 5. mount the header tubes, which come together with the collector (Figure 13) 6. attach the springs (Figure 14) 7. make sure the header tubes are not touching the engine, the radiator, tubes, electrical installations etc. installing the independent link pipe: 1. if installing the EVOLUTION model use ceramic anti-seizing grease 2. slide the link pipe (inlet side) onto the collector (Figure 15) 3. check the orientation of the link pipe – the holes for the springs must line up 4. attach the springs 5. make sure the link pipe is not touching the frame and other parts installing the muffler: 1. install the carbon-fiber muffler bracket, if applicable 2. position the muffler correctly and slide it onto the outlet side of the link pipe; if installing a titanium link pipe use ceramic anti-seizing grease