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have included tables reflecting 1997 – 2000 MY CA and 50 State Emission Label part number information for your convenience. Please continue to consult the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) or the parts microfiche for information regarding other model years as well as Federal Emission label part numbers. NOTE: Although the California Smog Impact Fee has been discontinued, dealers are still required by regulation to verify the correct emission label is installed on the correct vehicle. REGULATIONS: The United States Clean Air Act, Title II, Sections 202, 203, 205, and 207 mandates that the emission control label must correctly match the emissions equipment on the vehicle. Any person violating this requirement is subject to applicable State penalties and a Federal civil penalty of no more than $25,000 for each instance. Personnel at franchised dealerships are authorized to affix such labels to vehicles and are, therefore, subject to this regulation and the attendant penalties. Do not sell the labels over the counter. Always install the label on the vehicle. Never install a California and/or 50 State Label on a vehicle that is not a California/50 State Emission Certified Vehicle. Do not install Federal Emission labels on vehicles that are not Federal Emissions Certified

A750 Transmission Solenoid Identification Automatic Transmission/ Transaxle


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Provided below isachartlisting the Repair Manual name of each solenoid used in the A750 transmission, as well as the part name description provided in the electronic parts catalog. REPAIR MANUAL SOLENOID NAME PARTS CATALOGP ART DESCRIPTION S1 3WayTransmission Solenoid S2 Transmission Solenoid#3 SL1 Clutch Control Solenoid#1 SL2 Clutch Control Solenoid#2 SLT Line Pressure Control Solenoid SLU Lock UpControl Solenoid SR