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INSTALLATION 1. Carefully cut out appropriate template from sheet included in kit. One side is for FLSTS style fenders (with elliptical hole for front fender lamp), and the other side is for FLT style fenders (with rectangular front fender lamp). 2. Lay template on front fender (align around front fender lamp). 3. Underneath four holes marked on template, place high quality masking tape on fender. 4. Using a tape measure, measure from the top of the striping on the sides of each side of the fender, to the centerline of the each of the holes on the template (on some FLT models, with chrome fender trim, measure from the chrome fender trim at the bottom edge of the fender). Make sure that the distances are equal so that the template is centered on the fender. 5. Tape the template to the fender using high quality masking tape. NOTE Before proceeding, stand directly in front of the fender and carefully check to make sure the template is centered on the fender. 6. Center punch the center point of each of the four holes. 7. Remove the template from the fender. 8. Block motorcycle under frame so the front wheel is raised off the ground. 9. Follow appropriate Service Manual procedures and remove the front axle. 10. Place a rag on the top of the front brake caliper, then lower the front wheel so that it is resting on top of the brake caliper. NOTE When drilling fender holes, use care not to hit tire with drill bit. 11. While holding the fender firmly, and using caution to make sure that your drill bit does not hit the tire, drill the four holes at the points marked by the center punch. Begin with a 1/8 inch drill bit, followed by a 9/32 inch, and finally a 3/8 inch drill bit. 12. Remove the masking tape and any burrs that may have formed. 13. Remove the adhesive backing from each of the foam pads on the bottom of each of the stanchions. 14. Place the studs from each of the end stanchions into the holes (you may need to rotate the rails 180 degrees if they appear to be bowed out). 15. Reaching from the front of the fender, place kit washer, and then a locknut, over each of the studs on the underside of the fender. 16. Securely tighten each locknut so that the stanchion is firmly clamped to the fender. 17. Follow appropriate Service Manual procedures and replace the front wheel and axle