KTM Superduke 990 MotoHooligan Airbox Installation


Filed Under (KTM) by admin on 26-01-2012

Undo the screws retaining the left and right front tank spoilers and remove. Fitment of Motohooligan airbox is possible without removing the tank but task is much easier if this is done. Access for removal of SAS system and installation of PC111 is also much improved and it’s worth the additional 5 minutes work. It would also be a good idea to do this with an empty tank so it’s lighter to handle. Unscrew front retaining bolt from front of tank and lift tank to access the spring damper on the left hand side. On standard Superdukes release the two circlips, carefully support tank and remove damper unit. (NB. SDR model not fitted with damper). Lower tank back into position and unscrew one of the pivot bolts at rear of tank Stage 1 – remove spoilers and tank Note : Fuel line has a connector half way between tank and airbox. but leave it in position to support the tank whilst you unscrew the other side. Once both bolts are unscrewed tank is free but still attached by fuel lines and electrics. Lift the rear of the tank to expose the two electrical plugs and disconnect both making sure that the retaining pins are pushed in first before you pull them apart. Reaching underneath the rear of the tank you’ll see the fuel line running into the base of the airbox. Half way down there is a connector with a metal button. Press this and pull the fuel line apart – you might want to have a rag handy to catch any fuel drips. Pull off the breather tube at the front, (on US models also pull off the breather that leads to the charcoal canister in the tail), and lift the tank away