CFC Offroad KTM RFS (Racing Four Stroke) Clutch Cover 250-400-450-520-525 EXC-XC-SX Installation and Removal Manual


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1. Wash engine sidecase to remove any dirt, grease, oil, etc. 2. Clean engine sidecase and the CFC case guard with quick drying solvent such as electrical contact cleaner or brake cleaner 3. Apply an even layer of Permatex 16B silicone adhesive* to the backside of the CFC guard. This can be a messy job and most find the best tool to spread it evenly is your finger. It is suggested that you use a rubber glove to avoid skin contact. Try to get complete coverage free of voids and about 1/16-1/8″ thick 4. Align sidecase Guard with the engine sidecase, keeping the logo horizontal (if the Guard has one). Gently press on the engine sidecase. Once you feel that it is aligned and positioned properly, press with enough evenly distributed pressure to get an equal squeeze out of Permatex all around the perimeter. Don’t worry if you end up with excess. Excess adhesive can be cleaned up with a rag and mineral spirits or brake/contact cleaner. Let dry overnight 5. A couple of strips of masking tape can be carefully applied to assure the guard doesn’t move