Sanyang JET 50/100 and JET Euro 50/100 Specifications And Service Manual


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Carbon monoxide If you must run your engine, ensure the place is well ventilated. Never run your engine in a closed area. Run your engine in an open area, if you have to run your engine in a closed area, be sure to use an extractor. Caution Exhaust contains toxic gas which may cause one to lose consciousness and even result in death. Gasoline Gasoline is a low ignition point and explosive material. Work in a well-ventilated place, no flame or spark should be allowed in the work place or where gasoline is being stored. Caution Gasoline is highly flammable, and may explode under some conditions, keep it away from children. Used engine oil Caution Prolonged contact with used engine oil (or transmission oil) may cause skin cancer although it might not be verified. We recommend that you wash your hands with soap and water right after contacting. Keep the used oil beyond reach of children. Hot components Caution Components of the engine and exhaust system can become extremely hot after engine running. They remain very hot even after the engine has been stopped for some time. When performing service work on these parts, wear insulated gloves and wait until cooling off. Battery Caution y Battery emits explosive gases; flame is strictly prohibited. Keep the place well ventilated when charging the battery. y Battery contains sulfuric acid (electrolyte) which can cause serious burns so be careful do not be spray on your eyes or skin. If you get battery acid on your skin, flush it off immediately with water. If you get battery acid in your eyes, flush it off immediately with water and then go to hospital to see an ophthalmologist. y If you swallow it by mistake, drink a lot of water or milk, and take some laxative such as castor oil or vegetable oil and then go to see a doctor. y Keep electrolyte beyond reach of children. Brake shoe Do not use an air hose or a dry brush to clean components of the brake system, use a vacuum cleaner or the equivalent to avoid dust flying. Caution Inhaling dust may cause disorders and cancer of the breathing system. Brake fluid Caution Spilling brake fluid on painted, plastic, or rubber parts may cause damage to the parts. Place a clean towel on the above-mentioned parts for protection when servicing the brake system. Keep the brake fluid beyond reach of children