VENOLIA Piston Installation Manual


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Cam Milled Side Reliefs The VENOLIA special profile is designed to remove excess weight without sacrificing reliability. It is one of the most critical operations in piston manufacturing. The milling cutter follows the contours of the master and works in much the same way as a cam grinder. Note: Cam milled reliefs are standard on some types of pistons. Nitrous Oxide When ordering pistons for use with nitrous oxide, please make note on the order form or inform your VENOLIA representative. Please specify the approximate amount of horsepower you plan on adding with the nitrous. Due to extreme demands on piston integrity by the increased cylinder pressure and temperature, VENOLIA will use a slightly different design criteria to insure maximum piston durability under these conditions. Bore Size The skirts on VENOLIA pistons are ground to fit the bore size. When ordering pistons, specify the exact bore size on the engine block. When boring the cylinders oversize, it is advisable to use standard overbore sizes. The standard overbore sizes are .020˝, .030˝, .040˝ and .060˝. Valve Clearance The lift of the cam does not determine the amount of clearance required in the valve pocket, the amount of overlap does. Give us the valve lift at overlap at T.D.C. and plus and minus degrees from T.D.C