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1. Load should not exceed rated capacity for this lift – 1500lbs 2. 70-160PSI shop air needed. 3. Make sure the handle is in the down position and the safety plate is set in the safety lock while the lift is in the raised position. 4. Move the lift only when it is lowered. 5. Do not ride vehicle onto lift. 6. Only trained people should operate the lift. 7. Air/Hydraulic pump should be at least 3 feet away when operating. Remain clear of the lift when raising or lowering. 8. Indoor use recommended. 9. Do not move lift while loaded. 10. Keep hands, tools and other extremities from under carriage and moving parts.. 11. Maintain a safe working environment. The work area should be clean, dry, clutter free, and sufficiently lit. 12. Wear proper ANSI-approved safety attire. Do not wear loose fitting clothing while operating lift, long hair and sleeves should be secured. 13. Keep children and bystanders away from work area. Do not let children operate or play on lift. 14. Do not use if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Operator must be alert at all times when using heavy lift equipment. 15. Never operate the lift with someone on it. 16. Do not adjust safety valve. 17. Use this lift only for the work it is intended. Do not use this product for an application for which it was not designed. Misuse can lead to personal injury and/or property damage. 18. Industrial applications must follow OSHA requirements. 19. Do not use for aircraft purposes. 20. Have your lift serviced by a qualified repair person using only identical Titan Lifts® replacement parts and attachments. This will ensure that the safety of the lift is maintained.