CR500R/ 500 AF Hi Power Digital Ignition & Light Coil Installation Instructions


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Place the motorcycle on a secure stand. 2.Remove the fuel tank and radiator shrouds. 3.Remove the front number plate if CDI unit is located behind number plate. 4.Remove CDI Ground from coil. 5. Remove Old CDI.b6. Remove ignition cover. 7. Use an electric, pneumatic impact to remove flywheel nut. 8. Use flywheel puller to remove flywheel. Thread the flywheel puller into the flywheel by turning the puller counter clockwise (left hand thread). Turn flywheel puller center nut clockwise with an impact set to low to remove flywheel. 9. Remove 2 bolts that secure the stator. 10. Remove stator. 11. Install new stator by aligning the index mark on the lower stator plate with the index mark on
the left crankcase. 12.Install and tighten stator bolts to 9 ft-lbs. (1.2 bkg-m). 13. Install new flywheel and tighten flywheel nut to 40ft-lb (5.5 kg-m). 14. The pulser gap is preset to .012”. If you have trouble starting you bike after installation confirm the gap between the pulser and the ignition trigger on the flywheel is .012”. Use a good/no good
technique when checking and adjusting the gap. The largest feeler that will fit without forcing the feeler into the gap is the current gap