Wildfire Scooter WF 250CB Owner's Manual


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• Check before Riding • Make sure the brakes work properly and adjust if necessary. • Check all nuts and bolts for tightness. • Make sure that the gas tank is full. • Check tire pressure. • Check all gauges. • Check and make sure that all of the lights are working properly, headlight, taillight, turn signal etc. • Check the engine oil. STARTING, RIDING, STOPPING AND PARKING Before starting, put the kickstand up. • Practice in an empty area away from people and vehicles. • Always remember to obey your local and state laws and regulations. • Be sure your bike has fuel and oil. • Be sure the bike is in neutral. • Apply the rear brake. • Turn the key on. • Press the electric start button. • After engine warms up, push the choke 1/4 in then 1/2 in and in 1 minute completely off. • If the engine is warm it should start without choking. • For a cold engine, let the engine idle for 1-3 minutes before driving, then begin to turn the choke off. • Never exceed 4 seconds when engaging the starter. • Release the button immediately after the engine starts. • Do not apply the key while the engine is running, it can cause damage to the starter. • Sit on the bike keeping one foot on the ground for stability, release the clutch by pulling in the lever, shift bike into first gear by using the foot shifter. • Apply the throttle gradually as you release the clutch lever slowly until the clutch engages. • To shift into the next gear release the throttle pull the clutch lever in and shift into the next gear, after you shift, gradually apply the throttle and slowly release the clutch. • Use this sequence when shifting to all gears. • Only put your feet on the ground when coming to a stop. • When coming to a stop decrease your speed by releasing the throttle and applying the brakes and the clutch, if the tire skids release the brake and reapply. • Parking: Put your kick stand down. Park away from pedestrians. NOTE: The muffler and exhaust pipe are h