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put the motorcycle on a side standn 2. unscrew and remove the bolts from the rear and front part of the motorcycle cowling (Figure 1, 2, 3, 4) m3. remove complete cowling together with the seat (Figure 5) 4. unscrew the bolt from the metal bracket for the muffler (Figure 6) 5. unscrew and remove the bolts on the flange of the header tube (Figure 7) 6. remove the stock exhaust system (Figure 8) 7. remove the stock heat shield (Figure 9) INSTALLATION OF THE AKRAPOVIC RACING EXHAUST SYSTEM installing the header tube: 1. attach the stock heat shield onto the Akrapovic header tube (Figure 10, 11) 2. set up the Akrapovic header tube and hand tighten the flange; use stock gasket; (Figure 12, 13) 3. make sure the header tube is not touching the engine or frame installing the muffler:
1. correctly position the muffler and slide it onto the header tube (Figure 14) 2. attach the spring at the muffler – header tube joint igure 15) 3. attach the muffler to the chassis hanging bracket – use the bolt, washer and spacers supplied in the Akrapovic kit. Do not
fully tighten. Make sure the additional parts from the Akrapovic kit are correctly installed. (Figure 16, 17) 4. make sure the header tube is not touching the engine or frame final installation: 1. tighten fully the bolts of the muffler metal bracket and header tube flange (Figure 18, 19) 2. reattach the complete cowling (Figure 20, 21, 22, 23, 24) 3. clean grease spots: a. muffler – titanium outer sleeve: use a soft cloth sprayed with a multi-purpose spray lubricant (WD-40 or equivalent) b. stainless steel header tube: use a soft cloth sprayed with a contact cleaner, then wipe with a soft dry cloth Cleaning will prevent spots from burning onto the surface. Do not use aggressive chemical cleaners, because they can damage the sticker. 4. position of the correctly installed Akrapovic RACING system (Figure 25)
5. Check the operation of the brakes and suspension. Make sure all the bolts are sufficiently tightened. In case the exhaust system touches the cowling or other parts repeat the adjustment of the exhaust system or contact your authorized dealer

Yamaha Road Star 1600/ 1700 Exhaust kit bill of materials Installation Instructions


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1. Remove left side cover, by removing allen bolt as shown (Fig 1). Once bolt is removed, push cover to motor and push back carefully to your upper body. Figure 1 2. Once left side cover is removed, remove 6mm bolt to opposite side cover as shown (Fig. 2). Also remove allen bolt on right side as shown (Fig 3) and remove carefully . Figure 2 Figure 3 . Remove two allen bolts to the muffler bracket, and also loosen hose clamp to bottom head pipe. (Fig 4 & 5) Figure 4 Figure 5 4. Remove bolt next to rear O/2 sensor bracket as shown (Fig 6), also remove Phillips head bolt from O/2 bracket and slide O/2 sensor off bracket as shown (Fig 7). Once bracket is removed mount just bracket on with Phillips head bolt back on. Figure Figure 7 5. Disconnect O/2 by using a pick on inside switch on opposite side of O/2 bracket. With pick on inside push to you and unplug. (Fig 8 & 9) Figure 8 Figure 9 6. Remove two socket cap nuts from rear head pipe flange as shown (Fig 10). Once removed, remove both mufflers and rear head pipe carefully. Slide muffler back and shift rear head pipe to you. (Fig 11) Figure 10 Figure 11 7. Slide wire off bracket from the front O/2 sensor as shown (Fig 12). Also use pick to remove O/2 sensor, push to you and unplug. Figure 12 Figure 13
8. Remove two allen bolts from foot rest/ brake to give you access to head pipe. (Fig 14) Figure 14 9. Remove two allen socket cap nuts off front head flange and remove head pipe. (Fig 15) Figure 15 10. Remove stock muffler bracket by removing two alien bolts as shown (Fig 16). Also remove bolt that holds stock bracket to the brake line (Fig 17). Once that is done remove brake line from caliper and slide though muffler bracket and re-install. Figure 16 Figure 17
Assembly 11. Remove O/2 sensor from stock pipe and install O/2 sensor in Roadhouse front head pipe and mount front head pipe with stock socket cap nuts on bike as shown. (Fig 18 & 19) Figure 18 Figure 19 12. Mount rear head pipe as shown (Fig 20), including stock socket cap nuts. Also mount y-collector with rear head pipe. Y-collector must slide into front head pipe in one. Install Roadhouse O/2 sensor wire lead from hardware kit into y-collector. (Fig 21) Figure 20 Figure 21