1994-1998 HONDA RVF400RR Racing Kit INSTALLATION


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(1)Fuel High Octane white gasoline (2)Engine Oil Recommended Oil: HONDA Ultra-GP (for four-cycle Motorbike) SAE20W-50 or 10W-40
Full Capacity: 3.0Liter (5.28pt) Oil Exchange: 2.5Liter (4.4pt) Filter Exchange: 2.4Liter (4.224pt) (3)Spark Plug NGK R 847-10(11)(4)Cooling Water Highly recommend checking the water level on each ignition/riding. Ingredient: Tapped water or Drinking water I. Unscrew a radiator cap. Apply water up to limb of intake. II. Hold steering and heave the body two or three times to let air out. III.Add water if necessary. IV. Screw the cap tighten.V. Start Engine then check water level again. Add water if necessary. < Notes for racing condition> • Keep your attention when you re-check the water level since the water would spill out of intake. Also cover the body with wastes. • Drain cooling water in a catch-tank before riding. • Drain whole water in a radiator after riding. It avoids corrosion or clog of components. • It is admitted adding coolant in winter season. Handle carefully when you apply them. It makes the circuit slippery if it drops or spilled.