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Removing Passenger Footpegs 1. Remove and discard the socket screw and lock washer attaching the existing footpeg bracket to the rear swing arm bracket. Proceed to Step 5. Removing Passenger Footboard Supports 1. For standard footboard 50613-91: See the Service Parts illustration. Tilt the footboard to the “up” position. Remove the underside chrome footboard covers if so equipped. From the bottom of the footboard, use a small flat-blade screwdriver to push the rubber beads on the pad up through the holes in the footboard pan. Remove the pad. For swept-wing (FLHRS- and FLHTCSE-style) footboards: With the passenger footboard in the “down” position, carefully raise an outside “corner” of the stock footboard insert off the footboard pan with a suitable flat-bladed tool, taking care to avoid scratching the chrome footboard pan. Continue around the edge of the footboard, using a second flat-bladed tool if necessary to pry up and remove the old insert. 2. Using a brass drift and rubber mallet, tap one pivot pin (6) out of the pivot hole into the center pocket of the footboard pan, remove the pin and set it aside. Repeat for the second pin. 3. Remove the footboard from the support bracket (1). Remove and discard the steel ball (5) and spring (4) from the hole in the bracket. 4. Remove and discard the socket head screw (2) and lock washer (3) attaching the footboard support bracket to the rear swing arm bracket. Proceed to Step 5. Installing the New Footboard Supports NOTE Three holes are available in the rear fork brackets for footboard support mounting. Depending on model and year, the footboards can be installed in any of two or three positions for passenger comfort. A plastic plug, inserted in the upper hole at the factory, can be removed. 5. See the Service Parts illustration. Position a new chrome footboard support (1) against the swing arm bracket at the desired height. The left and right supports are identical. With the locating peg on the footboard support in the next lower hole, fasten the support with a hex socket screw (2) and lockwasher (3) from the kit. Tighten the screw to 15-18 ft-lbs (20-24 Nm). 6. Place the new spring (4) into the retaining hole in the footboard support. Rest the detent ball (5) on top of the spring