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INITIAL STEPS FOR ALL MODELS 1. Remove the passenger seat mounting bolt or nut, and then remove the passenger seat. 2. Unscrew the two mounting bolts for the passenger-seat bracket, and then remove the seat mounting bracket from the passenger seat. Save the two mounting bolts and washers for reuse. Hold the original bracket for 90 days with a Warranty Parts Tag. 3. Install the new seat bracket from the kit using the original bolts and washers. The new bracket has a larger hole for the grommet. PASSENGER SEAT BOLTS WITH WASHERS ORIGINAL SEAT MOUNTING BRACKET NEW SEAT BRACKET TORQUE: 8Nm (0.8kg-m, 5.8 ft-lb) ORIGINAL BOLTS WITH WASHERS
PAGE 4 of 15 4. Install the new grommet from the kit in the bracket hole. Continue to the appropriate instructions for the model being modified. XVS11A (V STAR 1100 CLASSIC), XVS11AT (V STAR 1100 SILVERADO), XVS65A (V STAR CLASSIC), and XVS65AT (V STAR SILVERADO) KIT PART NUMBER: 90891-20100-00 First complete the “Initial Steps For All Models” shown above to remove the passenger seat to install the new seat bracket and grommet. 1. Insert the new collar from the kit in the grom- met. 2. Hold the stud bolt from the kit at the unthreaded portion. Screw the cap nut onto the end of the stud with the longer threads until the exposed stud is 19mm long. • The cap nut is a self-locking type. The assembled stud length is important to allow the locking tab in the cap nut to be properly engaged. •Be sure the cap nut is installed on the end of the stud with the longer threaded por- tion. 3. Be sure the painted area around the stud hole is clean, then remove the backing and apply the new protective seal from the kit to the rea