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Place a blanket folded several times over the fuel tank to help prevent any damage during the installation of the risers. Using a æ” socket loosen the two riser mounting bolts located on the bottom side of the upper steering head. Using a º” hex key wrench loosen the four handlebar top clamp bolts. 2. It will help having a second person to hold the handlebars while you change the risers. Remove the four bolts from the top clamp and then remove the clamp. Pull the handlebars up off the risers, pull them back and rest them on top of the blanket. 3. Remove the bolt from the bottom of one of the risers and remove the riser while keeping the bolt in place. Place one of the supplied Ω” washers onto the protruding bolt, and then the new riser (Note; There are LEFT & RIGHT risers.) and mount the bolt finger tight. (Take care not to scratch the top surface of the upper steering head while installing the new risers.) 4. Place the handlebars back up onto the new risers. Install the top clamp using the supplied four black 5/16-18 X 1 º” bolts. Set the height of the handlebars to the desired position; tighten the clamp bolts evenly making sure the gap between the clamps & risers are the same. (15-18 ft. lbs.) Tighten the two riser mounting bolts securely. (20-25 ft. lbs.). 5. Turn the handlebars all the way to the left and then right checking for any pulling or binding of the wires, hoses or cables. Also check that the throttle returns freely on its own