Balancing Honda GL1500 Carburetor Manual


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First pry off the plastic clip covering the screw as in the first picture. Note the type of screw used, as shown in the third picture. You must put this one back in the right place. Tip; When refitting this clip later on, a bit of Blutack or similar will stop it falling off and getting lost. Pull the L piece trim away, taking care not to break the tab shown in the fifth picture Now pry off the small black plastic cover at the rear of the running light. Blutack will be a good idea here as well when refitting the cover. The owner of this GL1500 didn’t use it and the cover on each side of the Goldwing got lost, which is why you can’t see them in the pictures. Note the type of screw used here as well, same as the one mentioned earlier. The third picture shows the two normal Phillips screws at the front of the running light, remove them. Remove the running light and pull the lower fairing panel away Remove the rubber plug from the right side fan. The adjuster screw for balancing the carbs is about 6″ behind and up, and hard to see. I removed the fan so I could get the camera in and the second picture shows the adjuster screw