1999 – 2003 1.25, 2.0, 2.5 and 2.9 Sherco Ignition Timing Removal And Installation Manual


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Remove the gear shift lever bolt by using a 5mm Allen wrench. Insert the wrench through the hole in the skid plate. Holding the gear shifter up in second gear makes it easier to align the wrench into the head of the bolt. Pull the gear shift lever as far as possible towards the chain. (The chain does not have to be removed in order to remove the ignition cover and flywheel) Remove the three ignition cover bolts by using a 4mm Allen wrench. Carefully remove the ignition cover-which requires a little twisting and some outward pressure on the gear shift lever. The shift lever may also have to be pressed down into the first gear position. Inspect the rubber ring gasket for cracks or cuts while the ignition cover is off. Replace if necessary. We recommended applying a ring of high grade silicone sealant to further improve the seal of the rubber ring gasket. Tap a chisel-mark across the flywheel retaining nut and the crankshaft by using a small, sharp chisel. This mark serves as a reference point for retightening the flywheel in its original position during reassembly.