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Bodywork removal 1. Refer to section 8 of the service manual and remove the following: a) Right and left Under Cowlings (NOTE: Two of these screws will NOT be re-installed) b) Cover, Front Lower 2. Refer to section 7 of the service manual to remove the radiator mounting bolts. It is not necessary to remove the radiator. 3. Remove the Horn and the Front Engine Cover: a) Remove the Horn. b) Refer to page 3-5 of the service manual and remove the Front Engine Cover. (NOTE: This part will NOT be re-installed) NOTE: To view a video (approximately 10 minutes in length) of the inspection and installation procedure, click here (available on January 23, 2009). Frame inspection 1. Inspecting the frame for damage: a) Inspect the frame for cracks on the left and right sides of the frame as indicated in the photos and graphic below using the Dye Penetrant test kit which will be sent to your dealership by Jan.23th. This inspection has to be done not only on the outside but also on the inside of the frame spars. b) If no cracks are detected, thoroughly clean the frame area using a clean cloth (not a shop rag) and the kit cleaner to remove the dye penetrant used for the inspection. NOTE: * Protect the surrounding areas where inspection is not required from the overspray of the Dye Penetrant. * Read and understand the instructions and handling precautions of the Dye Penetrant before applying it. * If the motorcycle is excessively dirty, prewash it with soap and water before applying the Dye Penetrant.