YAMAHA XS650 Garage Carburetor Guide Introduction


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Loop the hose around the bottom of the yardstick and secure it with wire or twist ties so that it runs straight up both sides; avoid pinching. Trim the ends to the same length, and cut an 8″ piece from each end. Suck ATF into the line so that it fills the tubing about 8″ high on each side. Splice the end pieces back on with the pilot jets. Remote Fuel Bottle. On OEM carbs with a central synchronizing screw,adjustment (see Section II.) is easiest with the tank removed. Make a remote tank from a 1 qt. plastic bottle. Install a 1/4″ hose barb in the bottom of the bottle and a lawn mower fuel valve in the line (an in-line filter is also a good idea). Attach a wire to the top of the bottle and hang it where you need it. Safety note: many plastics will break down with exposure to fuel. Be sure your material is fuel resistant, and empty the container immediately after use. This item is not strictly necessary. 5twins recommends rough adjustment with the tank removed, using fuel remaining in the float bowls, followed by fine adjustment with the tank in place, reaching in with a long screwdriver. You can also set the tank on a work bench or other elevated surface and run extensions to the carburetor lines. Compressor If you intend to do much mechanical work at all, an air compressor with sufficient capacity to power an impact wrench will pay for itself quickly. For carb cleaning, attach an air gun with a rubber tip.