FLH Harley-Davidson Bikes/ Trikes Steering Damper Installation Manual


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First, we’re going to install the upper Bracket. (#8 in Fig. 1) Start by placing a clean towel or other protective material over your front fender to protect it from falling objects. Remove the 5/16-18 Allen head bolt and washer holding the top of the crash bar to the frame. Use a ΒΌ” Allen wrench. Access is easier if you crank the forks over to one side. Line up the hole in the new bracket with the crash bar, orienting the bracket to the crash bar as shown in Fig. 1, and re-install the bolt with a drop of blue loc-tite. Torque the bolt to 15-20 ft. lb. If you don’t have a torque wrench, well, you should have one, but if not, 15-20 ft. lb. is a bit tighter than a spark plug torque, which is 12-18 ft. lb. If you are not sure, snug it down tight, but don’t try to break it. Note than on a couple of these, I had to slightly elongate the hole in the bracket to re-install the upper crash bar bolt. (Side mount bracket installation) Next, the side bracket install. (#6 in Fig. 1) You’ll need a #35 Torx driver to remove the two screws holding the LEFT passing lamp/turn signal bar to the bike/trike. Carefully remove the upper and lower screws, holding the bar to prevent it from falling, possibly jerking the attached wiring. Once you have removed the screws, you can let the bar hang, while you orient the side bracket as per Fig. 1. Re-install the two screws you just removed, capturing the damper side bracket under the light bar. Use a drop of blue loc- tite here as well. Hand tighten the two screws, aligning the lamp bar and damper side bracket. Using your torque wrench, (you did find one didn’t you?) Tighten the two screws to 15-20 ft. lb. Ok the easy part is out of the way.