2007 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Installation Manual


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1 Remove the stock seat. 2 Unplug the stock wiring harness from the ECM (Fig. A) . 3 Remove the ECM from the tray and remove the tray from the fender. You can reach underneath the fender to gain access to the release tabs for the tray. 4 Install the Dynojet tray into the rear fender . Make sure that all 3 location tabs are underneath the fender. 5 Lay the PCIII in the tray (Fig. B). 6 Install the stock ECM on top of the PCIII making sure that it is secured by the tray locking tabs. 7 Plug the GREYconnector from the PCIII into the ECM. 8 Route the PCIII harness on top of the GREY connector (Fig. C) and route towards the front of the bike. Fig. A Fig. B Fig. C 2007 Harley Davidson Sport ster 1200 – PCIII USB – 2 i817-51 1 www .powercommander .com Unplug Tray 9 Plug the BLACK connector from the PCIII into the stock wiring harness. Secure this connection with one of the supplied zip ties (Fig. D). 10 Run a zip tie behind the wiring harness (Fig. E). 11 Route the stock wiring harness as shown in Fig. E. Due to the lack of room on this bike this step needs to be exact or the install will not fit properly . Make sure that the harness coming from the GREYconnector is flush against the battery box. Acouple inches of this harness will be tucked underneath the frame