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Place the motorcycle in a vise or on it’s kick stand and make sure it is safe and secure. NOTE: If reusing the stock midpipe and muffler, skip ahead to step #5. 2) Remove the rider and passenger seats. Unplug the tail light, license plate light, and turn signals wires inside the tail section. 3) Remove the four bolts that secure the tail section to the subframe. Carefully remove the tail section from the subframe. 4) Remove the four bolts that secure the license plate/turn signal mount to the subframe. Remove the mount from the motorcycle. 5) Remove the upper and lower front fairing pieces. 6) Remove the two bolts that attach the right side footpeg assembly to the motorcycle. Disconnect the rear brake light switch and swing the footpeg assembly out of the way. Remove the outer plastic foot guard. Remove the aluminum heat shield from the motorcycle. 7) If equipped, remove the o2 sensor from the stock midpipe assembly.
NOTE: If reusing the stock midpipe and muffler, loosen the midpipe mounting bolts, and loosen the clamp securing the headpipe to midpipe connection. Skip ahead to step #9 8) Remove the midpipe mounting bolt, located on the right side of the subframe. Remove the
muffler mounting bolts. Lower the muffler and remove the rear exhaust section from the midpipe. 9) Remove the eight hex flange nuts securing the header flanges to the cylinder. 10)Remove the bottom header mounting bolt from the midpipe assembly. Remove the complete header from the motorcycle. 11)Remove the hat washer and rubber grommet from the stock midpipe assembly. Install the rubber grommet and hat washer into the hole provided on the Jardine midpipe assembly. 12)Slide the four headpipes into the new collectors. The headpipes are numbered from #1 thru #4, with #1 being the furthest toward the left side of the motorcycle, then work your way to the right. Do not install the provided springs at this time