BMW R1200 RT World Sport Seat Heated Seat Installation Manual


Filed Under (BMW) by admin on 26-10-2010

Wire the heated seat(s) and heat controller(s) per the wiring diagram included in the heated seat(s) wiring kit. This wiring diagram is also available on our website at Use the photos below to locate the recommended switched relay wire connection point, and proceed to wire the heated seat(s) and controller(s) per the wiring diagram. IMPORTANT! The BMW R1200 RT motorcycle has a single wire system or CAN (Controller Area Network) bus electrical system. You must connect the heated seat’s switched relay wire to the BMW on-board accessory jack’s hot wire or another switched wire point within the accessory circuit. While there may be many other possible connection points within the accessory circuit, illustrated below is our recommended connection point. NOTE: As an alternative, Special “Y” jack splitters are available for adding additional accessory jacks to a single jack, available from Sargent (#AC-2063) or your local BMW dealer