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Throttle override system (T.O.R.S.) If the carburetor or throttle cable should malfunction during operation, the T.O.R.S. will operate when the throttle lever is released. The T.O.R.S. is designed to interrupt the ignition and keep the engine revolution speed between 2,800 and 3,000 r/min if the carburetor fails to return to idle when the lever is released. Speedometer unit The speedometer unit is equipped with the following: a digital speedometer (which shows riding speed) an odometer (which shows the total distance traveled) a tripmeter (which shows the distance traveled since it was last set to zero) warning indicators (which show self-diagnosis, cool ant temperature, fuel level, and oil level warnings) fuel meter (which shows the fuel remaining in the fuel tank) grip/thumb warmer heat level indicator  (which shows the heat level of the grip warmer or the thumb warmer) After the engine is started, the tachometer 1 makes one sweep, and the warning light 2 and all segments of the meter 3 turn on and off once. Then the warning light turns on again, and then goes off if there are no problems. The grip warmer heat level is initially displayed for 5 seconds, then switches to the fuel meter display. Odometer and tripmeter modes Pushing the select/reset button 4 switches the display between the odometer mode “ODO” and the tripmeter mode “TRIP”. To reset the tripmeter, push the select/reset button for at least one second while the tripmeter is displayed. NOTE: @ To switch the speedometer, odometer, and tripmeter displays between kilometers and miles, select the odometer mode “ODO”, and then push the select/reset button 4 for at least 10 seconds. ESU00363 High beam indicator light The high beam indicator light 1  comes on when the high beams of the headlights are switched on. (See page 5-12 for headlight beam switch operation.)