Harley-Davidson Hard mount installation Manual


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1. It is recommended that you create a template from cardboard or heavy paper (not included) of the back of the bag to assist in proper placement on the motorcycle. The template can be used for both bags simply by flipping it over horizontally 180 degree for slant style bags. For all other saddlebags transfer template to other bag making sure that the hole pattern corresponds with the bolts pattern on the opposite fender strut. 2-Assemble the saddlebags support 2. Remove your existing fender strut mounting bolts. 3. (A*) Install replacement 8mm x 70mm or 10mm x 70mm bolts. (Most Harley-Davidson models will utilize the 8mm bolts. Please determine which bolts will fit your specific application prior to assembly. Your make and model of motorcycle may require additional hardware. (See your motorcycle owner’s manual). 4. Install 2 upright and secure tight enough to maintain position and secure with the lock nuts (Metric applications do not require lock nuts). Ensure that bracket angles are away from the bike. 5. Lightly apply a dab of engine oil and lightly coat the exposed bolts(C or D) and barrel bolt Hex- head (E) assemblies (Mark at 4 points for each saddlebag). You can also use a marker or pen to mark. Take the template or bag and place against the brackets. Hold and press firmly to transfer the oil to the bag or template. The oil will leave a mark on the bag or template. If you are not satisfied with the position of the bag wipe the oil off and repeat as many times as necessary. Note: Position according to your specific setup, ensure the bag will not contact hot engine or exhaust components. If planning on carrying a passenger, ensure that there is enough clearance for the passenger’s legs between the bags and the foot pegs. Make sure that the uprights DO NOT contact moving parts, including but not limited to suspension components. 6. Place the Saddlebag on a firm surface and drill 4 holes (make sure you drill holes according to the size of the bolt to be passed) into the back of the bag only, according to your oil drop pattern. Also be careful not to damage the large mesh pocket inside the saddlebag. If a template was utilized cut the corresponding holes into the template and place temple on the back of the bag and drill following above directions. The template can be utilized for both sides of the bag