Harley-Davidson FL Caliper Mount Installation Manual


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Motolight® Caliper mounts are designed to be mounted on the brake caliper mounting boss. Before removing the caliper bolt make certain you have the manufacturer’s recommended torque settings for your make, model and year. 2 . Disconnect your battery. Never work on the electrical system of a motorcycle while the battery is connected. If you’re not sure how, check your owner’s manual, or consider having your dealer install the lights. 3 . Motolights®, like any light, get hot when operating. Do not touch any part of the housing when the Motolights® are in operation and for at least 15 minutes after they have been turned off. 4 . If you are transferring your Motolights® to another bike or have obtained the lights secondhand, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact us at 800-567-8346 or 513-474-7530 for new caliper bolts of proper grade and size. Step 1. Unpack the Motolight® system . Take this chance to familiarize yourself with everything. Below is the list of included items: Item # Quantity Description 1 (2) º” x 20 x 5/8″ stainless steel socket head cap screws 2 (2) Housings, aluminum, assembled with lens, lamp and leads 3 (2) Mounting blocks, aluminum, left and right 4 (2) Caliper replacement bolts 5 (2) Lock washers 6 (1) Motolight wiring harness with relay and 20 amp fuse 7 incl. Special Harley auxiliary plug connector in wiring harness (included) 8 (2) Motolight decals (1 helmet size, 1 regular) 9 (1) Aiming tube (cardboard ring) 10 (1) 3/16″ hex wrench 11 (1) Pin wrench (for standard lamp retaining rings-not required for knurled/grooved rings) 12 (15) Cable ties, long and short