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1. Remove the two 8mm bolts that attach the front bumper assembly to the ATV frame see figure 3. 2. Place Winch mounting plate (A1) into position and fasten the two bent down tabs to the ATV frame using the two 8mm bolts removed in step one, see figure 4, and figure 5. Do not tighten fully at this time. 3. Attach the front of the mounting plate using four 1/4-20 u- bolts (B1), eight lock washers (B2), and eight 1/4-20 hex nuts (B3), see figure 6. 4. Tighten all fastners for the mounting kit at this time. 5. Place winch into position behind the mounting plate. Attach the top two feet of the winch using two 5/16-18 hex cap screws and lock washer. These fasteners will be found in the hardware kit that came with the winch. Note: The winch has floating nuts in its feet. In some instances, a nut may be moved off to one side making it impossible to screw a bolt in. If this becomes the case, take a screwdriver and center the floating nut in the winch to the bolt hole opening. Now attach the bolt through the Winch Plate and into the winch. 6. If using a Cast Hawse Fairlead: It may be neccasary to remove the cast hawse fairlead from the fairlead mounting plate that came with the winch.



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1. Refer to Figures 1 & 2. 2. Remove taillight and remove seat. SAFETY: DISCONNECT BATTERY PRIOR TO ALL WIRING MODIFICATIONS 3. Disconnect Right turn signal connector inside taillight. Pull wire from the underside of fender. Cut the wire approximately 2 inches from the connector, 02/16/09 save for reinstallation. Ensure the wires are loose from all retaining clips under fender. 4. Remove nut located behind fender holding the turn signal. 5. On the right side only, Remove the two torx bolts from fender strut, carefully pull and rotate fender strut cover to remove. Pull turn signal wire completely out. Remove bolt holding turn signal to the fender strut cover. SADDLEBAG INSTALLATION 6. Reinstall the fender strut cover using the 1 7/8″ Hex Spool Bolt Assembly and 1/8″ x 5/16″ Aluminum Spacer in the front hole and the 1 1/2″ Hex Spool Bolt Assembly and 1/8″ x 5/16″ Aluminum Spacer in the rear hole. Refer to view “B”. Insert the chrome caps into the existing turn signal holes. Bend tabs over to ensure a snug fit. 7. Repeat disassembly and installation on opposite side. TURN SIGNAL RELOCATION 8. Install turn signal bracket between license plate and license plate bracket with ears of bracket facing the front of the motorcycle, using 1/4 – 20 x 3/4 Hex cap screws, 1/4 flat washers, and 1/4 – 20 locknuts. 9. Mount turn signals directly to bracket using 5/16 – 18 x 3/4 hex cap screws with a Black Plastic Spacer, and 5/16 star washer. For a clean installation slide rubber grommet over the wire and secure into hole in turn signal, remove top center mounting bolt on license plate bracket and run wires through this hole. Splice the connector back on the wire, and reconnect to wire harness. Ensure all wires are secure under fender. Reinstall taillight. 10. Connect battery and test turn signals for function. Information: Bags will be easier to mount and remove if a small amount of silicone lubrication is applied to rubber mounting points. 11. Mount saddlebags over spools on fender strut and secure with clips retained inside bags. 12. Inspect each clip to verify each clip is properly seated in retaining groove. See View “A”

2000 Honda Rancher ATV Winch Mounting Kit REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION


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Begin by removing the front fascia and front skid plate on the vehicle as shown in figure 1. Save the fasteners as they will be used later to re-install the front fascia and skid plate. 2. Remove the 8mm bolts on both sides located inside the front tires and on the ends of two horizontal tubes on the front tube frame as shown in figure 2. 3. Place the mounting plate (A1) inside the front tube frame. The tabs with the slotted holes facing down. The slotted tabs should align where the
two 8mm bolts were removed in step 2. Reinstall these two bolts at this time thighten to just fingertight. Install the two 1/4-20 u-bolts (B3) and locking hex nuts (B1) and flat washers (B7) at thism time see figure 3, do not tighten down at this time. so the plate can be adjusted for position see figure 2. 4. Place the rear support bracket (A4) into position
and attach with the two 5/16-18 x 3/4 hex cap screws (B6), flat washer (B5) and locking nut (B4). Adjust the position of the support bracket so that it comes in contact with the frame tubes and tighten the fasteners see figures 3 and 4.
Make sure the support bracket maintains contact with the rear frame tubes and tighten down the two front 8mm mounting bolts. Tighten the bolts to a recommended torque of 12 ft-lb (17 N-m). 5. Attach the fairlead bracket support (A2) to the front frame tubes see figure 5. The support bracket attaches behind the front tubes. Space the bracket away from the tubes using the spacer brackets (A3). Attach the brackets using the 1/4- 20 u-bolts (B2), lock nuts (B1) and flat washers (B7). Before tightening the u-bolts make sure the bracket is in the correct position by fitting the front
fasica into postion and checking location. Tighten the nuts to a recommended torque of 7 ft-lb (10 N-m). NOTE: If this kit is being installed on a 00 to 03 Honda the wider fairlead bracket (A2) will need to be used. This will require the use of the
wider u-bolts (B3). The spacer brkts (A3) will not be required when installing the wider fairlead brkt



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This kit is designed for installation on 1982 and later FXR model vehicles.installation 1 CAUTION When performing the following procedures, be cautious not to scratch painted surfaces (fender, tank, etc.) with metal tabs on seat. 1. Remove existing seat from motorcycle. Discard rear mounting hardware (screw, lockwasher and nylon washer). 2. Remove grab strap from vehicle and discard. 3. Locate seat bracket from kit. Remove two mounting screws securing rear portion of tank to motorcycle frame. Discard screw, but save washers. 4. Install seat bracket from kit onto motorcycle at tank mounting tab location, using two hex cap screws from kit and washers removed in Step 3. 5. See Figure 1. Locate grab strap (1) from kit. Bring the two ends of grab strap (1) around the top and outside of frame (2) so that end of grab strap can be joined under seat. 6. See Figure 1. Line up two holes on one end of grab strap with two hole in opposite end of grab strap. Place one metal washer (3) from kit over end of flange screw (4) from kit. Insert screw (4) through one set of holes in grab strap (1). Place one remaining metal washer (3) over end of flange screw (4). Tighten assembly together using locknut (5) from kit. 7. Locate battery mounting tab (6) on motorcycle. Loosen locknut (7) and back out hex head screw (8) from frame until remaining joined holes in grab strap (1) can be slipped into position over end of screw (8). Re-tighten screw (8) and locknut (7). 8. Carefully slip seat into position (without scratching tank or fender) under grab strap and engage mounting tab on front of seat with mounting bracket installed at tank mounting tab. 9. Secure rear of seat using truss head screw with lockwasher and guide washer (placed between seat bracket and fender) from kit. The guide washer will center the screw in the seat bracket hole and serve as a washer to protect the fender



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1. Refer to Figure 1. 2. Remove seat. Safety: disconnect battery prior to all wiring modifications LeatherLyke 510 5/1/2009 3. Disconnect wires to turn signals. 4. Remove turn signals and retain hardware for reinstallation. Observe and mark “left” and “right” for reinstallation. Information: Do not remove license plate bracket . 5. Remove license plate. Turn signal bracket must be oriented with flange (side with only 2 holes) on top. 6. Install turn signal bracket behind license plate bracket and license plate using 6 x 35mm pan phil machine screws for the 800 or 6 x 20mm pan phil machine screws for the 1400, 1/4″ flat washers, and 6mm locknuts. Insert black spacer spool between license plate bracket and turn signal bracket. 7. Mount turn signals directly to turn signal bracket using 6 x 10mm hex cap screws and star lock washer. Information: Observe all color-coding of wires and splice one wire at a time. 8. Cut each turn signal wires three inches from end and splice 10 inches of supplied wire. Secure wires to inner fender clips. 9. Follow route of tail light wires and connect wires into harness. 10. Secure wires together behind license plate bracket with tie wrap. 11. Connect battery and test turn signals for function. 12. Install seat. Information: Not all license plate mounts are grounded. In some cases, it may be necessary to run a ground wire to turn signal bracket. WARNING: States may have minimum width requirements on motorcycle turn- signals, so check your local laws. LeatherLyke 510 5/1/2009 SADDLEBAG INSTALLATION 13. Refer to Figure 2. Information: Cover plates are pressed into strut. 14. Remove round cover plate at end of fender mount strut on right side. 15. Remove nut on right rear and replace with 1.2″ hex adapter. If hex adapter is less than flush with the outside of both fender struts, add a 5/16″ flat washer. 16. Assemble 5 x 30mm flathead screw and 5mm mounting spool with chamfer on spool under head of screw. Insert assembly thru 1 1/4″ fender washer for the 1400 or 1″ for the 800. 17. Install spool assembly into previously installed 1.2” hex adapter. Information: Do not remove washer on shock absorber. Hex adapter will protrude 1/4″ beyond fender strut. 18. Remove round cover plate over right rear shock, remove shock absorber nut and install .75″ hex adapter. 19. Assemble 5 x 30mm flathead screw, mounting spool and cup washer with chamfer on spool under head of screw. 20. Install spool assembly into previously installed hex adapter. 21. Insert 5/8” finishing plug into old turn signal hole on right side. 22. Repeat procedures on opposite side

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