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Install mounting bracket (stamped 363-P) in the original muffler mounting position, using two 10mm bolts and
one 10mm nut. (supplied)(Refer to figure 2). 2. Mark outside surface of front and rear heat shields with location of mounting clips that are welded to the inside.(Refer to figure 3).Place each heat shield on a non-abrasive surface such as a blanket or carpet. Position each head pipe/muffler over its respective heat shield. (Refer to figure 4).
3. Feed tail end of each hose clamp through each mounting clip welded to back side of front and rear heat shields. Take note of clamp hex screw head direction. (Clamp head direction is critical for adjustment when system is installed on bike.) Wrap each clamp around back side of head pipe threading tail end into clamp head. (Refer to figure 3 & 4).
4. Install front head pipe/muffler using stock flange nuts. Slide dog bone shaped nutplate (supplied) inside
bracket welded to backside of muffler. Attach muffler to mounting bracket 363-P using (supplied) 5/16” flange
bolts engaging dog bone nutplate. Leave head pipe/muffler assembly loose at this time (Refer to figure 4). Repeat this step with the rear head pipe.5. Align mufflers so they are parallel when viewing from right side of the motorcycle. Tighten 5/16” flange bolts securing upper and lower muffler positions.. Tighten cylinder exhaust port flange nuts securing head pipes to cylinder heads. 7. Adjust heat shields so they meet front of muffler taper. (Refer to figure 6). Tighten all hose clamps securing heat shield locations. NOTE: Heat shields should cover muffler/head pipe weld joint.

HONDA AERO 750 Front/ Rear Exhaust System Removal And Installation Instruction


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Remove your stock exhaust system and large muffler bracket. 2. Attach the supplied Cobra bar mount bracket to the outside of the frame using the stock M10 bolts & nut along with the supplied M10 nut (See figure 1). DO NOT TIGHTEN at this time. 3. Loosen and move the right side floorboard out of the way to ease installation of the exhaust. 4. Install the rear head pipe using the stock acorn nuts but DO NOT TIGHTEN at this time. 5. Slide one supplied clamp #27-61MSC onto each muffler and position as shown in Figure 2. 6. Slide the rear muffler over the rear head pipe. Place one slider bracket inside the muffler bracket with the flat side of the bracket against the muffler bracket (see figure 2) and install two 5/16 x 5/8 hex bolts thru mounting bracket , muffler bracket and into the slider brackets. 7. Repeat step 6 for front head pipe and muffler making sure the front and rear mufflers are parallel. 8. Unscrew the remaining hose clamps and feed the tail end of the clamp through the clips on the inside of the heat shields. The screw end of the hose clamp should be accessible for tightening but not visible when the heat shields are mounted to the pipes. 9. Place the heat shields onto the head pipes and align on muffler as shown in Figure 2. You may need to loosen the muffler bolts to adjust the position of the muffler to the heat shields. Snug the heat shield clamps onto the head pipes but DO NOT TIGHTEN at this time. Rotate the muffler clamps so they don’t interfere with the heat shields but are still accessible to tighten. 10. Tighten mount to frame and then the acorn nuts on the head pipes making sure to tighten evenly. Now, tighten the muffler clamps. (NOTE: If the muffler clamps are slid to far up on the muffler or past the three slots, the clamps will not tighten.) Next tighten mufflers to mount bracket. 11. Reinstall the right floorboard and tighten to factory specifications . 12. Make sure all hardware is tight before starting your motorcycle.